Kenny Peagler is a world-class virtuoso pianist, songwriter, and arranger. His music is a brilliant mix of lyrical melodies, dense harmonies, fluid technique, and a rhythmic heartbeat that will take any listener on an eclectic and soulful musical excursion. Inspired by lyricism, technique, and soulfulness, Peagler delivers a sound that is rich in his inspirations while still defining his own voice. His artistic arsenal spans the spectrum of genres including jazz, classical, popular, rhythm and blues, and gospel with a raw and honest approach that delivers musical integrity filled with rich emotions. Throughout his career, he has performed with countless musical icons worldwide.   


"...simply brilliant!" -New York Times

“He brings a wonderful energy and creativity..”  - Geri Allen  (Pianist/Educator)

"Peagler’s ability to utilize one primary instrument without it becoming redundant or stale distinctly displays a sense of mastery and thought-provoking initiative to create an exuberant piece of music that will remain timeless for years to come." - Artistrack

“... Kenny Peagler on the Yamaha [piano] makes the hair rise on my arms and shivers run over my back... ….” - The Blues Alone - Live Performance Review (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

“...where stands brightly on keyboards: Kenneth Peagler…. Wonderful.”  
 - Orvieto News (Orvieto, Italy)

"In his inventive solos he is colorful and effortlessly switches between lyrical and ecstatic play. He produces a lot of notes and constantly surprises with slick harmonic twists. His playing is unheard of and is rooted in the tradition of old masters such as Ray Bryant and Earl Hines." - Draai on je oran (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 



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