An artistic force of staggering versatility, Kenny Peagler is a virtuosic pianist, composer, singer-songwriter, and arranger who deftly maneuvers across an expansive range of genres with masterful prowess. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Peagler's musical journey began with classical piano training before discovering a passion for jazz while attending his performing arts high school, where he also began exploring R&B and soul.

First making his mark as an in-demand pianist, Peagler has now expanded his artistic palette with his upcoming album "We Are Just Human." The album showcases his versatility as both an instrumentalist and vocalist, blending elements of jazz, R&B, and soul into a poignant exploration of life, love, loss, and the human experience. "With 'We Are Just Human,' I wanted to explore the full breadth of the human experience through music. Life is a tapestry of love, loss, joy, and pain, and this album is my way of giving voice to those universal emotions we all go through," Peagler explains.

Produced by multi-Grammy winner Poogie Bell, the album boasts an all-star team of musicians, including Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Will Lee, Bakithi Kumalo, Dean Brown, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, and Lakecia Benjamin. "Working with such an incredible team of musicians on this project was a dream come true. Everyone brought their own unique artistry, allowing the songs to take on rich layers and depth. It's a true collaborative achievement," Peagler says.  

The album's singles "Dance Tonight," "Time Machine," "Come Close To Me" (featuring the late Dean Brown), and "It Wasn't Meant To Be" offer a glimpse into the album's themes, ranging from the joy of newfound love to the bittersweet reality of a relationship's end. "As both a pianist and a singer-songwriter, I was able to tap into different sides of my creativity for this album. The piano work is an extension of my classical roots blended with jazz sensibilities, while the lyrics came from a very personal, introspective place," Peagler notes.

"Songs like 'Dance Tonight' and 'Time Machine' celebrate the beauty of being present and embracing each moment. But there's also tracks that confront heartbreak head-on. It's that duality of the human experience that I wanted to capture," he adds. “My greatest hope is that listeners will be able to see themselves reflected in these songs. We've all loved, we've all lost, we've all struggled and triumphed. 'We Are Just Human' is about finding the shared experiences that connect us all.”

Before his singer/songwriter endeavors, Peagler made his name as an exceptionally versatile pianist, his virtuosic technique and rich harmonic language making him an ideal collaborator across genres. His piano credits include Poogie Bell's "Exhibition Continues" (2018), his own "100 Years of Strayhorn" (2015), Aaron Myers' "Leo Rising" (2013, arranger, pianist, and composer of "All I Want To Do"), Richard White's "I Am Of Value" (2012, arranger, pianist, and composer of "He's My Everything"), Tony Depaolis' "Contemporary Dynamic" (2009, featured on "Willow Tree" feat. Carolyn Perteete), and Gemini's “Evermore”.

Peagler's versatility extends beyond the recording studio, as he has graced prestigious stages around the world, including the Umbria Winter Jazz Festival, Pittsburgh JazzLive International Jazz Festival, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Music Hall, Blue Note, Nokia Theater, Oslo Konserthus, National Press Club, and Jordan Hall. He has also performed at notable events such as the Middle Eastern reality show "Yalla NY" for superstar Zahir, Source 360 live at the Barclays Center in New York City (featuring Lil Kim, Curren$y, Wu-Tang Clan, and Bone Thugs), and the NAACP Bicentennial Celebration, where he performed for President Barack Obama.

What sets Peagler apart is his remarkable versatility, seamlessly transitioning between classical, jazz, gospel, pop, rock, and R&B with virtuosic technique and a rich harmonic language. While many musicians are confined to a single genre, Peagler's ability to excel across a wide range of styles makes him a truly unique and exceptional artist.


  • "Peagler’s ability to utilize one primary instrument without it becoming redundant or stale distinctly displays a sense of mastery and thought-provoking initiative to create an exuberant piece of music that will remain timeless for years to come." - Artistrack Read More
  • "Kenny Peagler is a versatile pianist. He is a personality in the making. On keyboards, Peagler mainly plays funk and jazz rock schemes, fitting the repertoire. In his inventive solos he is colorful and switches effortlessly between lyrical and ecstatic playing. He produces many notes and surprises again and again with slick harmonic twists. His playing is unheard of and is rooted in the tradition of old masters such as Ray Bryant and Earl Hines." - Draai om je Oren (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Read More
  • "Kenny Peagler on the Yamaha [piano] makes the hair rise on my arms and shivers run over my back." - The Blues Alone Read More
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