Artistrack Reviews Kenny Peagler's '100 Years of Strayhorn' 

ArtistRack Reviews Kenny Peagler’s project ‘100 Years of Strayhorn’:  

September 26, 2017 

The musicianship on this album is incredible paying homage to a collective assortment of music with a live performance artisan entrenched into each composition. The magnificent piano play moves in a constant state of bliss throughout the LP that contains a variance of haste, stamina, and precision. The inherent respect of the jazz genre is expressed through the frequencies with no need for words but utter technique and geniuses that transmutes through every melodic motion.  

In addition, the tracks possess a live performance feel as if the listening audience were in a live setting experiencing the music for themselves. The improvisation is apparent as the compositions contain an element of freedom that transcends the traditional songwriting process that sometimes restricts many artists from their true potentialities. The arpeggiated chord progressions were impeccable as they moved in unconventional methods and the songwriting arrangements were ingenious to its overall image.  

Peagler’s ability to utilize one primary instrument without it becoming redundant or stale distinctly displays a sense of mastery and thought-provoking initiative to create an exuberant piece of music that will remain timeless for years to come. Modern music has been suffocated by virtual instruments that are lacking in dynamic substance and it is rather refreshing to hear musicians staying true to their own sounds that have been passed down through generations. In addition, this gives an optimistic view of the future of music to hold dear to their traditional values and the instruments that make the music prodigious. Peagler holds the essence of a tantric composer where all aspects of the music are within the confines of his control without any loose ends being untied. This perfectionist attitude resonates through each song’s infrastructure where every single depicts a deep connection in relation to the artist.  

The music oscillates between major and minor attitudes throughout that switches up the mood of the songs in an unpredictable manner that gives it novelty and excitement. The approach of this album was especially interesting with very little percussive factors making the tempos shift in a natural way rather than the modern mechanical ways that are seen in today’s contemporary music. 100 Years of Strayhorn is a must-listen for music enthusiasts looking to expand their horizons of creative possibilities and encourage the authentic appreciation of masterful musicians.